I have known Clair Andrews for the last 10 years in my role as an Equine Veterinary Surgeon. Clair has a methodical and logical approach when dealing with her clients horses. Whether helping to keep them supple and in work or aiding in rehabilitation from injury.
Clair is an excellent communicator and has a very personable nature. Her clients all speak very highly of her.
Tom Leanan MRCVS

The pain in my right leg was so severe I struggled to put my heel to the floor. After just one session with Clair I was able to walk with my foot flat on the ground. Just a couple of sessions later and I was back to full fitness. Using the daily stretching technique Clair suggested, I no longer suffer from this complaint.

Mrs W, Leicestershire.  

 My three horses love their massage treatments! Luckily for me, my horses are quite young and in good health but I decided to get Clair to look at them and check everything out before I had their saddles re-fitted.

When they first started having massage therapy, Clair found one or two twinges but these quickly disappeared and never turned into anything serious because I decided to keep up with the treatments on a regular basis. This means any little niggles would be picked up sooner rather than later and this would prevent any major muscle problems from developing. Gradually all their muscles have become more pliable and now they are looking and feeling better than ever!

Because the massage and stretching treatments have improved the condition and flexibility of my horses' muscles, when I am schooling and jumping them I know there are no physical problems to worry about!

Although I only compete locally, my horses' health and well-being is as important to me as any Olympic showjumper! My next step is to get my own muscles in as good a shape as my horses!

TL, Leicestershire

Both my horses and I have been clients of Clair for some years. Originally I had severe muscular back spasm’s and had tried the Alexander Technique and Physiotherapy with little improvement. The remedial back massage given to me by Clair transformed my back!
I was so impressed with the result plus her professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm that I asked her to work on my horses. She is the nearest I can get to my horses being able to tell me about their aches and pains. Clair is now a vital part of my horse care regime.

Vicky Dennison

Clair has been looking after my horses for the last five years. My first horse had numerous clinical problems with a guarded long term prognosis. With regular massages we maintained his comfort and prolonged his life beyond expectations. Clair currently maintains my two new horses to aid their performance. Clair offers advice with clear explanation, so we have a clear understanding of the way forward. My horses think she’s great!!
Kerry Springthorpe

We first had Clair for the horses at work, they are Dressage horses so need to be soft and supple and after using Clair for over 2 years she has proved invaluable to maintaining their suppleness. I was so impressed with Clair I started using her for my own horse and her help and understanding has proved exceptional. She has a clear understanding of the horses anatomy and will discuss the issues you’re your horse may have clearly and with understanding.
Anna Heath

I have M.E. and a visit to Clair always boosts my energy, and makes me feel so much better. I have never had such wonderful results from any other therapist. Clair just gets it right every time. I look forward to visiting Clair, it’s my ‘me-time’!
My horse was lame for months and the vets had written him off. Clair got him sound again, and through her exercises, he regained his stamina and continued happily hacking out.
Zarla Harrimen

I have an ex-army horse that has worked very hard in his time on duty. Now as an elderly gentleman he has regular Equine Sports Massage Sessions which help to keep him supple and maintain his workload. The sessions also offer the benefit of detecting any problems, before they manifest, a long time before it is apparent to me.

Linda Boyd

I have been seeing Clair for over 5 years now on a regular basis. I live with chronic health problems which affect my joints and muscles. Clair is very knowledgeable and will adjust my treatment to suit how my body is at that time. I always have some relief after treatment. Clair is completely professional and preserves my dignity at all times! Clair’s approach is to treat the whole person, she has been a wonderful support when I have undergone many medical interventions and I trust her entirely, with my treatment and as a person. Thanks Clair

M.E.G. Leicester

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Clair Andrews
Veterinary Physiotherapist AdvCertVPhys

RAMP Registered Member

Remedial Massage Therapist LCSP(Assoc)
Equine Sports Massage Therapist ITEC Dip ESMA

Clair Andrews
Veterinary Physiotherapist AdvCertVPhys

RAMP Registered Member

Remedial Massage Therapist LCSP(Assoc)   Equine Sports Massage Therapist ITEC Dip ESMA     T : 07762  436697     E : c.andrews@working-in-harmony.co.uk

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